why Mammosphere
June 15, 2016

Why Mammosphere?

Matthew Michela is the CEO and President of lifeIMAGE. This post was originally featured on Mammosphere’s blog site. 

Since 2009, lifeIMAGE has been working to fill a visible gap in the healthcare delivery system, which often results in adverse patient outcomes. Over the last seven years, our image exchange platform has been broadly adopted and has been proven to positively impact clinical quality, the cost of care, and has saved lives. Our team of veteran experts and entrepreneurial minds is driven by the mission of improving outcomes for patients and bringing services to the market that make a difference in people’s lives. As the market leader in interoperable medical image exchange, lifeIMAGE is continually innovating and when presented with the chance to join forces with Mammosphere, we knew it was an opportunity to do something truly meaningful in the lives of millions of women and their families.

Mammosphere, like lifeIMAGE, was founded to drive improvement in patient outcomes; but unlike lifeIMAGE, it was focused exclusively on women’s health, and more specifically on breast imaging. Created by a passionate breast imaging radiologist with 15 years of experience, the company was structured around proving efficacy using empirical data from a clinical setting. A three-month pilot study out of one of their earliest customers, University of Florida Health Jacksonville, highlighted the decreased rate of false-positives, from which improved patient experience and economic benefits (both to the patient and the provider) were proven.

Data from the pilot in conjunction with publications showed that when prior mammograms are more immediately available to breast imagers, providers see a 40{1c7da09cb6da5a2ec059efaa61b35175dd9db1ce04fec49909aa50454e0b7746}-60{1c7da09cb6da5a2ec059efaa61b35175dd9db1ce04fec49909aa50454e0b7746} reduction in false-positives; 25{1c7da09cb6da5a2ec059efaa61b35175dd9db1ce04fec49909aa50454e0b7746} of cancers being caught earlier; and a 3.6{1c7da09cb6da5a2ec059efaa61b35175dd9db1ce04fec49909aa50454e0b7746} reduction in diagnosis of nodal cancer, which can be life-saving. From a qualitative perspective, patient experience was improved due to a decrease in anxiety, unnecessary spending, and unnecessary radiation exposure caused by false-positives.

Mammosphere represented experience, data, and a clinical solution that provided outstanding quality, cost, and societal benefits with the missing ingredient being the leverage that lifeIMAGE could provide with its proven, national image exchange platform. At lifeIMAGE, we are excited to help further a mission that will improve patient outcomes and satisfaction and correspondingly reduce unnecessary medical spending and population based excessive radiation. The combination was just simply the “right thing to do.”

The market response as we prepare for our renewed product launch has been tremendous. Stay tuned to our social channels for exciting updates later this year.

Matthew A. Michela, President and CEO

Matthew Michela

President & CEO