lifeIMAGE Medical Image Sharing Solutions

Connect Images & Data Across the Ecosystem

Medical imaging should be universally accessible at every point of care

We believe in the power of a complete imaging and information record for every patient, no matter when and where exams were performed. lifeIMAGE connects care teams to exams from any internal or external source. Users in every clinical department gain a more complete imaging history for their patients and can use that information to quickly and efficiently formulate safe, high quality care plans.

Instant, Electronic Access to Exams from Any Location

Scalable cloud exchange powers immediate access to data from any external source. Our local app enables the decentralized access to exams from CDs and fast throughput to PACS. Image management workflows are customizable for cardiology, trauma, radiology, and more.

Image Exchange Workflows that Launch from the EHR

The most desirable approach to image sharing is when the complete imaging history is available in the EHR for immediate use during a patient encounter. One central workflow for accessing all exams improves clinical productivity and physician satisfaction.

Unified Access to All Imaging Content

Clinicians across the healthcare enterprise should encounter a consistent, high-quality image viewing experience, regardless of image type, or where data is captured or stored. lifeIMAGE brings together data from the PACS, VNA, image exchange platform, and more, through one viewer.

Increase Patient Satisfaction and Engagement through Imaging

In addition to supporting the exchange of medical images among clinicians and institutions, the lifeIMAGE platform also includes proven workflows for exchanging medical imaging with patients in order to increase their satisfaction, streamline transitions of care, and ultimately, support better outcomes. Invite patients to upload from home in advance of an appointment, or for a virtual second opinion, and provide results in secure, online accounts.

We Adapt to YOUR Needs

lifeIMAGE is the highway that connects providers, payers, vendors and patients to drive better healthcare decisions, reduce unnecessary expense and create new avenues for revenue growth. We do this by shaping our solutions to YOUR needs, not the other way around.


We know a one-size-fits-all solution will not work

Workflow needs and preference vary from department to department, and between clinicians. Our image exchange platform provides a flexible and configurable foundation upon which any number of image management workflows can be built.

We make it easy to connect and share

Providers on the lifeIMAGE network can instantly find and connect with one another, or invite new users to the network on the fly. We work with our customers and the sites that send them high volumes of referral imaging to automate the transfer of studies.

We are committed to interoperability

Industry standards must be the common language for exchanging data. We are a member of Carequality and CommonWell, and a past participant in the HIMSS Interoperability Showcase. We operate a vendor-neutral exchange network for the Radiological Society of North America.



Improve time to care

Allow care teams to receive exams electronically ahead of patient transfers or new appointments. Instantly distribute the results to referring physicians and patients.

Reduce unnecessary tests

Prevent repeat exams downstream by ensuring ordering clinicians have instant access to relevant imaging histories.

Improve clinical efficiency

Give every department fast, intuitive workflow for uploading, viewing, sharing and nominating exams to PACS, all without CDs having to travel all over your campus.

Expand provider networks

Help clinical services be discovered by patients and physicians who are seeking second opinions. Support telemedicine and e-referral initiatives.



Real-time access to imaging data helps specialists be more efficient and improve patient outcomes


Differentiate imaging services, support new business models, and solve image access issues for colleagues in the ‘ologies


Referrals and satisfaction grow when patients can quickly connect and share studies with experts

Image Sharing Strategy

Make Image Sharing Part of Your IT Strategy

Learn more in our latest whitepaper, “Developing and Implementing an Image Sharing Strategy for a Complete EMR,” written by Don K. Dennison.

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