lifeIMAGE OutBox and Weill Cornell Imaging – Sharing Results in a Clinically Relevant Timeframe

"lifeIMAGE OutBox is an essential component of our business plan, enabling our practice to deliver and track the receipt of images/reports as they are available to any referring or consulting physician no matter where they practice," said Dr. Hentel, Vice Chairman for Clinical Operations Weill Cornell Imaging at NewYork Presbyterian.

WCINYP is a growing, state-of-the-art practice in a competitive imaging market. They had lifeIMAGE in place for ingesting outside CDs and added lifeIMAGE OutBox to improve how it shared results with its referring physicians.

With OutBox, imaging providers can give referring physicians, on-call doctors, clinical trial investigators, and patients, instant, electronic access to images and reports. Results can be published on-demand through an ad-hoc query/retrieve of PACS, or in an automated fashion, by leveraging an on-site lifeIMAGE app that takes in HL7 feeds, matches them to distribution rules, and auto-publishes exams to recipients via the network. OutBox can scale to be an imaging providers' results distribution engine - in 2012, it was used to share more than one-hundred thousand exams.

WCINYP can now quickly share both reports and images to referring physicians, who can view exams on any PC, Mac or iPad, anywhere with an Internet connection. While it used to take days for referring physicians to receive results – they now get them within hours of report finalization. Timeliness and electronic access has facilitated a new degree of collaboration between the practice's radiologists and referrers, even those without access to the EHR.

"lifeIMAGE has revolutionized our business model allowing us to provide referring physicians with reliable access to their patients' information as soon as it available no matter where they practice," said Tom Stokes, CFO/COO at WCINYP. "The level of service is increased without the expensive investment in human resources to achieve such. Quality is improved and costs are contained increasing the value that we provide both our patients and referring doctors."

February 2013


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