What's New in Network Release 3.0

Network Release 3.0 introduces some exciting new software and architectural enhancements to lifeIMAGE customers. The new features include:

  • Automated Report Distribution – Network Release 3.0 allows you to automate the distribution of exam results with OutBox. Administrators at your organization can build publishing rules that specify which physicians should receive results automatically. LILA monitors the HL7 feed coming out of your RIS or HL7 engine. When LILA encounters an exam that matches a known physician rule, it retrieves the exam from PACS, associates it with the HL7 report and sends a notification to an individual at your organization called an OutBox Gatekeeper. The Gatekeeper does a final quality check to send the exam and report to the referring physician's InBox.
  • LILA Gatekeeper and PACS processing enhancements
    • LILA now allows for multiple Gatekeeper Groups, to allow your organization to better segregate the processing of nominations to PACS.
    • Sending exams to PACS is now a multithreaded process, allowing for faster sends to PACS.
  • Sending facilities can now manage their own ReferralBox accounts – you can now create ReferralBox administrator accounts for users at sending facilities. These users can add, delete and edit accounts for colleagues who need to send exams to your ReferralBox.
  • Mobile access for cloud users – LILA Mobile has been renamed lifeIMAGE Mobile. This app can be used for accessing exams in LILA inside your hospital's firewall, and can also be used from anywhere by OutBox recipients to access exams your organization has sent to them.
  • Performance – this release includes a new storage architecture that has improved performance and scalability for all cloud services.

Contact your Customer Relationship Manager for more information on these new features.

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